Aug 2018

Not all of the messages should be sent and received immediately, 84 POST provides a way to communicate with the sense of ritual.


84 POST was first made to enter China University Computer Competition 2018; it is a Mini-Program inside WeChat app. It is accessible for all iOS and Android users who have the WeChat, and it runs just like an app.84 POST is open to the public since May 2018 (when the competition began ), we already have 20,000+ users at the end of 2018 without advertising.


To make 84 POST, we have three people in the team and we work remotely for 3 months. As the only visual designer, I create the Logo and turn the wireframes to real interfaces with design and coding. Also, I participate with every step of making 84 POST, such as brainstorm, interaction flow design, and presentation.

Team Lead / Develop: Xuan Wang
Visual Design / Front-end: Marcus Fei (Me)
Interaction Design / Research: Jakie JiWe got 2nd place in nationwide.

What does 84 POST do?

Basically, 84 POST simulates the process of sending and receiving letters.We are inspired by 84, Charing Cross Road. We think modern messaging service is losing the joy of waiting and the delight of preparing a message. So we made 84 POST to slow down people in this fast-paced society and provide them with a way to communicate with a sense of ritual.

84, Charing Cross Road, where we got the idea

It perfectly fit for Close-friend, School mates and couples:

With 84 POST, you can send and receive "virtual mail," and all the experiences are close to the mailing experiences in real life. Here is how we make the experiences:

Step1: Sending

- Write a virtual letter with custom letter paper and envelop
- Chose a Stamp
- Pay the amount (using points in 84POST or use $ to get more points)
- Send the virtual mail to a location (Normally someone's home) with receiver's information

Step2: Waiting

- After sending, the mail will start"travel" based on your sending and receiver's location (We use AMAP API to calculate)
- Then both of you enjoy the waiting ❤️
- Also, you can track your mail anytime, just like a real mail 😎

Step3: Pick up

- The receiver will get a text message when the mail arrived. (receive code and location included)
- The receiver should go to the receiving place (Normally your home)
- Open 84 POST and get the virtual mail
- Read it, save it or destroy it (Hope not).*70%+ Users of 84 POST is at the age between 20 and 25. And the couples in love is our biggest user group.

A right interface to spent time.

I decided to develop a visual style that has skeuomorphism vibe and corresponding your experiences of writing mail.The visual interface style is just right for a "virtual mailing" app, a place that you want to spend time, a place that you splash your emotion. The interface shouldn't be an aesthetic choice only; it also serves the function and concept.


Skeuomorphism stamp to distinguish mailtype

Process indicator

Mail preview

Design for communications

Every letter papers and stamps in 84 POST is design for the situation of communications. We have papers and stamps for couples to send love letter; for friends to recall mempories; for kids to imagine...Here is an example of how we make a stamp: we connect a childhood memory (The food on the left is a well-known food of children in China) to a stamp.

How we turn a memory to a stamp

Papers and Stamps

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