What's inside a Chinese dumpling?


mar 2018

Always curious about what's inside a dumpling? Open your hand and find out.

You'll never regret to watch this demo video

The best way to learn is to do it

First of all, dumplings are delicious.
Then, I always want to know what's inside the dumplings.

"What's inside a Chinese dumpling" is a project for Typography3 class. We are asking to make a diagram about anything. The best way to understand the mistery meatball inside the dumplings, is to make one. So, I create this interactive experience, with the inspire of how people making dumplings.

With Leap Motion, I designed a simple and intuitive interaction: Open and close your hands to see each layer of dumplings, as you see in the video.


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About Page

Level 1: Dumpling Overview

Level 2: Dumpling

Level 3: stuffing

Final level: Meat filling

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